Bring Your Wildest Imagination To Life

A premium custom pond offers a unique opportunity to create your own little corner of paradise. With careful design, you can effortlessly blend components together that bring texture and depth, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space.

With elegant waterfalls and crystal-clear streams, ponds can be transformed into their own relaxing utopia that makes it feel as though you’ve stepped into a tropical escape.

Get lost in your imaginings as the calming sounds of nature surround you–bespoke ponds are the key to creating an intimate atmosphere like no other.

Invest In Your Happiness

Adding a premium custom pond to your home is a little like adding magic to your home.

Imagine the grand, serene atmosphere it will create in your backyard–the gentle sound of flowing water, the joy of watching fish play in their crystal clear habitat, and the beauty of colorful plants dancing along the shoreline.

The result is an artistic masterpiece designed to bring you peace and serenity for many years to come.

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Invest in a beautiful outdoor space for your family. Create a place to gather with the people you love and make unforgettable memories.

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*The price of your custom pond is based on size, upgrades added, and the condition of your space. Get in contact with us to get an accurate cost for your unique project.

We Appreciate Our Proud Pond Owners

Rachel MRachel M
23:24 27 Oct 22
We inherited a water feature with our home and it’s been a big learning curve to care for it, repair, and maintain it! It’s smaller and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a contractor to come out to help us out. Lots of them don’t think it’s worth the trouble or try to talk us into a 20k rebuild of our very small pond. I am so grateful for black koi water features! They’ve always been honest, worked with our budget, and are timely and so professional. They worked with our budget to redo our water feature and made us a new waterfall. It recently started leaking and they fixed it under warranty, making several trips out to do the job correctly. Highly recommend this company! They’ve been so easy to work with and truly a pleasure.
Pat FensomPat Fensom
21:41 01 Aug 22
Joe and his crew were phenomenal! They made a lifetime dream come true with the installation of a pond and waterfall. From the initial consult, Joe made an impression with his vision and provided ideas that incorporated my thoughts. The end product exceeded my expectations, I am beyond pleased and excited.
Vanessa UnderhillVanessa Underhill
14:17 20 May 21
I always dreamed of this and Joe made it a reality. I LOVE our swim pond or as Joe calls it a recreational pond. It is truly impressive the work he put into this from the deign to completion. People said get a pool... I just could not. I mean no pool is as memorable as this. At night with the tiki torches it is heaven too. My grand kids have 2 jumping rocks they jump off into the pond. I LOVE eating under the pergola listening to the waterfalls. No horrible chlorine feel or smell. Truly a piece of heaven on earth. Joe has a gift, vision, love whatever you want to call it. I am so grateful how it turned out and LOVE everything about it.
Sheryl AnnSheryl Ann
21:04 13 Mar 21
Joe built our natural pool and it is absolutely breathtaking. He was professional and punctual. He went above and beyond to bring to life what we wanted. Im not able to easily visualize how a space will look and Joe even knew what boulders he was going to place where. His level of creativity is absolutely unreal. He delivered beyond our expectations and on time. We plan on using him again for future projects for sure.
Wright SullivanWright Sullivan
12:52 12 Mar 21
Fantastic customer experience. Joe and Jose were fast, efficient, and friendly. They took great care of our koi fish and transplanted our water plants to the bottom of our pond. They took time to educate us about the workings of our pond and how to properly maintain it. Ideas they suggested were all good ones. They gladly took on a second unscheduled cleaning job that was very messy and were also open to discussing our own ideas about future improvements. We'd work with them again in a heartbeat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a premium custom pond and waterfall?

A premium custom pond and waterfall is a high-quality, custom-designed pond and waterfall feature that is built to meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner. These types of ponds and waterfalls are typically larger and more elaborate than standard pond and waterfall kits, and may include features such as rock formations, waterfalls, streams, and fountains.

Some of the benefits of having a premium custom pond and waterfall include:

  • Increased property value: A high-quality pond and waterfall feature can add value to your property.
  • Relaxation and stress relief: The sound of running water can be soothing and help to reduce stress.
  • Habitat for wildlife: Ponds and waterfalls can provide a habitat for a variety of wildlife, including birds, fish, and amphibians.
  • Aesthetic appeal: A well-designed pond and waterfall can add beauty and interest to your landscape.

To care for a premium custom pond and waterfall, you will need to:

  • Keep the water clean by skimming debris from the surface and using a pond filter to remove excess nutrients and contaminants.
  • Maintain the proper chemical balance of the water by testing the pH level regularly and adding chemicals as needed.
  • Keep the pond free of excess algae and aquatic plants by using algaecides and mechanical or chemical controls.
  • Regularly clean and maintain any equipment, such as pumps, filters, and heaters.
  • Inspect the pond and waterfall regularly for any damage or wear and repair as needed.

To add fish to your premium custom pond and waterfall, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Determine the appropriate size and type of fish for your pond based on the size of the pond and the climate in which you live.
  • Purchase the fish from a reputable source and acclimate them to the temperature and pH of the pond water before releasing them into the pond.
  • Provide the fish with a suitable habitat, including hiding spots and areas for spawning.
  • Feed the fish a high-quality diet, appropriate for their size and species.
  • Monitor the fish regularly for signs of illness or stress and take appropriate action as needed.

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